The Old Days
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The Football Team - 1975
Mother's Day
Dear Plebe " letter of 1973
"The 3 J's": Dangerous & Colorful!
"Why aren't your shoes shining, MR?"
"Marksman" Tom Gambino '77
"Wanted for Desertion!"
LSMA TUITION in 1973...WOW!!!
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La Salle Rifles - Expert Drill Team - Winners of Nationwide competitions at college level!

La Salle Military Academy at the last graduation - 2001
Great Memories of elegant Sabre Balls over the Years
Do you remember?

Ms. Elsie Warren taught us 
ballroom dancing & etiquette lessons
She brought us "Warren's Wonders"...
(the girls of St. Joes in Brentwood)

Serrano M. Santiago '81 is having a blast at the prom! At his right is Evaristo Zambrano '81, with Ricardo Pizzi´s sister, his girlfriend at the moment!

Jessie James Burkee '88...Charlie Humann '77 & Karen Delince...Marty Bevilacqua'77 & Nancy Skurnik

John Titone, Joe Palazzolo, Kenneth Ortiz, Al Vasquez all 1977


The La Salle Rifles
World Class Precision Drill Team


Motto:  "Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori"

National Champions 83, 85, 86, 89, 90, 91. National Runner-up 84

LSR...Winning the championships until the end!

 "Probably will never be another public or private school that can put together the type of run that LaSalle did back in the early and mid-to-late 80’s. Without a drill instructor, the program and the cadets were left to themselves to train and prepare for the Nationals. While I believe the military school background gave them an advantage in Inspection, the grueling, demanding academic curriculum and other time occupying matters left little time for hours and hours of practice. EXTREME regimentation of time, selfless, dedicated cadets and STRONG carryover of leadership year to year allowed this tiny school to accomplish amazing runs of National Championship titles, often sweeping all five team events here at the Nationals."


Justin Gates

A Musical Tribute...La Salle Rifles

La Salle Rifles

LSR 2-Man (Rutgers - 1984)

LSR Trick Platoon (Nationals - 1993)

LSR Individual 1994

The Younger Days
1980's - 2000's 


The Younger Days