Warriors to Work

Wounded Warrior Project's Warriors to Work program helps individuals recovering from severe injuries received in the line of duty connect with the support and resources they need to build a career in the civilian workforce. It can be tough to transition into civilian life. It's even tougher to adjust to life after a serious injury.

SSgt. Heath Calhoun

Soldier Ride

The Wounded Warrior Project Soldier Ride is a rehabilitative cycling program for wounded warriors. For many of these combat-wounded veterans, Soldier Ride provides the first steps in the return to an active lifestyle.

Many of these men and women have been physically active throughout their lives. Soldier Ride offers these brave individuals the chance to get on a bike and prove to themselves, "I can still do this." Soldier Ride is not about politics; it's not about the war. It's simply about the soldiers. 

Wounded Warrior Project's Policy program 

WWP's legislative program strives to support injured service members by advocating for positive changes in benefits and veterans policy. If you are in need of assistance with VA benefits, Wounded Warrior Project can help. WWP is a VA accredited organization and has very experienced staff to help veterans with their VA claims. 


The Wounded Warrior Project's Policy program creates and pursues legislative and policy changes that will benefit severely wounded service members and disabled veterans of the current military conflicts. With advice and input from the wounded service members and families we serve, we develop policy and legislative proposals covering the range of problems they face.

WWP's Policy program works to:

  • Ensure that quality healthcare for the full range of injuries is accessible throughout the transition from active duty service member to veteran status and for the duration of the warrior's life.

  • Ensure that wounded warrior's have unfettered access to the range of benefits and compensation programs for which they are eligible.

  • Ease the financial and emotional stresses of families faced with loved ones who have incurred life-altering disabilities.

  • Identify and create new programs to meet the needs of this new generation of veterans.

Commissioner Ray Kelly with Sgt DelToro at balloons