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February 23, 2009 - A letter from Nicholas Pitch '82

Dear Marty,

Your efforts and those of other board members in keeping the LaSalle tradition alive are greatly appreciated by me as well as all alumni. I had wanted to post on this site for some time but it seems that with our busy lives it inadvertently gets pushed aside. Unfortunately, I had some medical complications as of late. I had brain surgery necessitated by a tumor. I have not been feeling that great up to that point, medical testing reveled nothing conclusive and joked it was male menopause or needing serious amounts of Geritol. The growth of the tumor caused a stroke and produced a disability on my right side. After being in two hospitals I am doing much better. Through therapy and perseverance brought myself back to a high level of capabilities.

Now for the more important things, my wife Maria and I have three children. Our oldest is a thirteen year old girl, the other two are twins, boy and girl age eleven. As for hobbies I enjoy hiking, Jet Ski and anything outdoors with the kids. I coach most of their teams and active on various local boards in town. Besides this, my other passions are muscle cars and US History.

My email address is for anyone wishing to correspond. Hope all is well with all LSMA alumni and the best for 2009.

Regards, Nick Pitch.

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